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Real Estate Videos:

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P R I C I N G   F O R   M Y  R E A L   E S T A T E   S E R V I C E S :

Basic:  One beautiful aerial photo of the front of your house.  Using this as the first picture in your MLS listing is a simple, yet very effective, way to catch the attention of potential buyers as they scroll through the many listings. 

Price:  $100

Silver:  The photo described in “Basic”, plus 4-6 other aerial photos of the exterior of your house.  These show a variety of captivating views of your house and give prospective buyers a better feel for how your house is situated on your property. 

Price:  $150

Gold A (Video Option):  The photos described in “Silver”, plus a short video that adds excitement to your listing.  The video is a compilation of several video clips, each featuring different exterior perspectives and smooth, cinematic motion.  Can include music if desired. 

Price:  $250


Gold B (Interior Option):  A complete set of exterior drone photos as described in “Silver”, plus 25-40 Digital-SLR photos to showcase the interior as well.  My interior photos are thoughtfully-framed, expertly-lit, and then post-edited to ensure perfect exposure and vibrant colors.

Price:  $300


Platinum:  This is my ultimate package.  It includes exterior drone photos, interior Digital-SLR photos, and a short, creative video that combines both.  This will be sure to grab buyers’ attention and get them excited about the property you are selling.

Price:  $400

(Pricing listed above assumes an average-sized home in the State College, PA area.  Properties requiring travel and/or extraordinary square footage/acreage may cost more.)