Real Estate Photos and Videos

Capturing your home’s beauty, both inside and out.

E X T E R I O R   D R O N E   P H O T O S

Grab the attention of potential buyers by showing your home’s features and surroundings in a way that is not possible from the ground.


Advanced photography and editing techniques ensure perfect lighting throughout each picture and bring out the very best in each room.  


I combine compelling exterior drone video clips and a beautiful assortment of interior images to create a video that you will be proud to use in your MLS listing, on social media, and on your website to excite potential buyers (and thrill your sellers)!

P R I C I N G :

Basic Exterior Drone Photos: 

Including photos of the your listings from a variety of elevated views is simple, yet very effective, way to catch the attention of potential buyers as they scroll through the many listings. 


$150 for Residential properties,

$250 for Commercial properties


Interior Photos (no Drone): 

My interior photos are thoughtfully-framed, expertly-lit, and then post-edited to ensure perfect exposure and vibrant colors throughout each image.  They help showcase the beauty of your home in a way that makes potential buyers eager to schedule a showing.  Also includes several exterior photos, taken from the ground.


$250 for smaller homes,

$300 if over 4000 sq.ft,

Contact me for Commercial pricing

Drone Photos AND Interior Photos: 

My most popular package.  This combines the attention-getting power of my exterior drone photos with the captivating beauty of my interior photos.  I provide all the images you need for an outstanding listing.   


$325 for smaller homes,

$375 if over 4000 sq. ft,

Contact me for Commercial pricing



Premium Photo and Video Combo: 

In addition to the exterior drone photos and interior photos, I’ll also provide you with a short, creative video to create more excitement about your listing on social media.  The video combines several short, smooth, cinematic video clips of the exterior of your listing with a collection of select interior photographs, set into motion through panning and zooming.  Can include music if desired.


$450 for smaller homes,

$500 if over 4000 sq. ft,

Contact me for Commercial pricing


Sunset/Twilight Photos:

I return to your property near dusk, you or the home owner turn on all the inside lights, and I take a few photos using my ground camera and/or drone to capture these warm and inviting images.  Don’t worry if the sunset doesn’t happen to be very dramatic on that particular evening – I can always replace it with a more beautiful one afterwards in Photoshop.


$50 if the home is within a 15 minute drive from my home in State College.

Contact me for a price quote if the home is further away.

Drone Mapping: 

My drone flies an automated mission back and forth above your property, taking approximately 30-50 photos.  I upload the photos to a service that stitches them together to create a zoomable, measurable, up-to-date map with stunning clarity.

(The above image is a link to an actual map)


$100 for up to 10 acres

$5 per additional acre

  • Pennsylvania requires that I add Sales Tax (6 percent) to all prices above.
  • Pricing listed above assumes an average-sized home in the State College, PA area. Properties requiring travel and/or extraordinary square footage/acreage may cost more.
  • Processing interior photos takes considerable time and effort.  In general, I upload the final images for you within 48 hours.  If you need them more quickly, I offer “expedited service” for an additional $100, giving you access to your photos by 9am on the morning after the photo shoot.