Real Estate Packages:

(Pricing listed below assumes a normal-sized home in the State College, PA area)

Basic:  One beautiful aerial photo of the front of your house.  Use this as the first picture in your MLS listing to catch the attention of potential buyers as they scroll through the many listings.  Price:  $100

Silver:  The photo described above, plus 4-6 other aerial photos of the exterior of your house.  These show a variety of captivating views of your house and give prospective buyers a better feel for how your house is situated on your property.  Price:  $150

Gold:  The photos described above, plus a short video that adds excitement to your listing.  The video is a compilation of several video clips, each featuring different exterior perspectives and smooth, cinematic motion.  Can include music if desired.  Price:  $200

Platinum:  All of the above items, plus a complete series of striking, professional-quality interior photographs.  Photos are all thoughtfully-framed and expertly-lit to showcase the interior of your home.  Price:  $400

Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you need a combination of photos and videos that is not listed here.